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Foreword from the writer 5 years after the 1st version, the ebook used to be thoroughly rewritten and redesigned. whereas ultimate actual to the unique constitution, this re-creation underwent significant adjustments. the main extraordinary one is the part committed at the version 6. Be3 e5. It used to be divided on separate elements for the retreats 7.

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No weak square or " a hole unmoved; there The term which latter the author in is is now " on the side which takes that precaution. generally accepted as a technical definition, was The International Chess Magazine of November intended to describe was also first used by 1886, where the dis- and it is most " hole means a square important for the learner fully to appreciate that disadvantage. The on the third or fourth row in front of a Pawn after the two adjoining Pawns have been advantage which it is first pointed out, ' ' moved or captured.

It is also good play to drive back a hostile piece by P KR3, but otherwise, es- pecially when you have Castled King's side such an advance is not good, for it exposes that Pawn to attack in many contingencies and it also makes it inconvenient to advance the KBP, since The KKtP assumed a hole if that the KP Kt4, supported by It is is is then formed at KKt3. advanced P to KKt3 leaves at once a hole at advantageous to advance the fixed at KR3 and at KB3, for it is If he advance to has already moved, or will have to move soon.

Exercise We can only answer that this is a sort of sentimental objection that ought td little influence on our game which is essentially of a scientific character.?! " Correctness of judg| ment and calculation ought to be chiefly cultivated in the exercise of our pastime, and w merely shows primitive taste to prefer brilliancy to soundness. Elegance of style wheil opportunity arises is no doubt an attribute of a great master, but the fact should never lost sight of that the 'brilliant sacrificing combinations can only occur when either side committed some grave error of judgment in the disposition of his forces, and bjj hatjl therefore,)) Thus, for instance, only very rarely in important games between first-class masters.

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