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They got people like us all figured out. " Ratliff laughed, "That's why we got a fight to even the odds, Henry. One big one. " Page 5 Louis Davis had his eyes closed, but he was not asleep and he had not been sleeping. He had been sitting in the dark listening and thinking. He was the stranger. Henry Helms was the only one of the men he knew and Davis didn't feel like saying anything, even when the rest of them were all joking. He wasn't afraid of them; in fact, he liked them all. But he knew he wasn't like them.

Don't worry about that. " Page 13 The next afternoon, while Midge was out Christmas shopping and Freeman was at work, Marshall, Bob, and Henry met at the Tellet house. " Marshall asked Helms. "He can't make it today," Helms said. " Marshall looked alarmed. " Helms nodded, "Don't worry. " "But we're ready now. I'd like to roll out of here Thursday night. " Bob asked. " Ratliff showed an edge of temper. "There's more cash in a bank just before Christmas than any other time of the year. We ought to hit it about Friday noon.

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