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By Don S Lemons; Paul Langevin

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Taking derivatives is easier than doing integrations—hence the convenience. 5) PROBLEMS 29 and that of a normal variable N (m, a 2 ) is ∞ 1 M N (t) = √ 2πa 2 −∞ d x exp t x − (x − m)2 . 6) By completing the square in the argument of the exponential, the latter reduces to 2 2 exp mt + t 2a M N (t) = √ 2πa 2 ∞ d x exp −∞ −(x − m − ta 2 )2 . 2, Moments of a Normal). Since only random variables with finite moments have a moment-generating function, the Cauchy variable C(m, a) does not have one except in the special case when a = 0, in which case it collapses to the sure variable m.

Show that for slits so narrow that πa/λ 1, the above light intensity is proportional to the photon probability density derived in part a. 2. Moments of a Normal. 8), show that N (0, σ 2 )n = 1 · 3 · 5 . . (n − 1) · σ n for even n. 3. Exponential Random Variable. Also according to Born’s interpretation of light, the intensity of light exiting a slab of uniformly absorbing media is proportional to the probability that a photon will survive passage through the slab. If, as is reasonable to assume, the light absorbed d I (x) in a differentially thin slab is proportional to its local intensity I (x) and to the slab thickness d x, then d I (x) = −λI (x)d x and I (x) ∝ e−λx .

1, Autocorrelated Process. 6) with t + t and applying the initial condition X (t) = x(t). A Monte Carlo simulation is simply a sequence of such updates with the realization of the updated position x(t + t) at the end of each time step used as the initial position x(t) at the beginning of the next. 2 was produced in this way. The 100 plotted points mark sample positions along the particle’s trajectory. Equally valid, if finer-scaled, sample paths could be obtained with smaller time steps t. But recall that X (t) is not a smooth process and its time derivative does not exist.

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