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By Carl 1851-1922 Lumholtz

In 1880 the Norwegian ethnologist, zoologist and explorer Carl Lumholtz launched into an excursion to Australia, with the aim of watching the lifestyles and customs of the Australian Aborigines. This ebook makes a speciality of his studies whereas residing for a yr with a group in Queensland that had by no means formerly come into touch with white humans. 'Not basically are a few of the Australian Aborigines cannibals', says Lumholtz, 'but many of the tribes haven't but emerged from the Stone Age within the historical past in their development'. He is going on brilliantly to record a fancy and engaging society. Containing certain maps to demonstrate the explorer's travels and lots of photos, the e-book additionally contains informative appendices outlining Australian historical past, geology, natural world. First released in 1889, Lumholtz's vintage account of the occasions and practices he witnessed keeps the ability to surprise, train and entertain the fashionable reader.

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There is no article of luxury which is not to be found here, from Norwegian herring to champagne in every degree of dryness. GOVKRNOR'S HOUSE MELBOURNE. Among sports, horse-racing ranks first, and not a week passes without one or more races on the celebrated Flemmington racecourse, near the city, taking place. Every year, in the beginning of November, about 120,000 people come together to witness the great Melbourne Cup race, where fortunes are lost and won. The whites born in Australia are gradually becoming a distinct race, differing from other Englishmen.

Large plains, with here and there an isolated gum-tree ; extensive scrubs, and now and then low mountain-ridges in the background ; sometimes an emu would appear, or a little flock of kangaroos that are suddenly startled — all of which is so characteristic of the country. I was surprised at the great number of marsupials that had their abode there. They had proved to be so troublesome that several of the squatters had found it necessary to surround their large pastures with fences so high that the animals could not jump over them and consume the grass.

They had recently brought from Melbourne a bull nine months old for which they had paid ^315. It is for the sake of the beef and not for milk that so much stress is laid upon the blood of cattle in Australia. The vicinity around Rockhampton and Gracemere furnishes considerable variety both of flora and of fauna. The country is hilly, and well watered with small lakes and streams. Along the streams vine-scrubs often abound. The gum-tree {Eucalyptus), so characteristic of Australia, also marks the woodlands here, and appears in greater variety than is generally seen in so limited a territory.

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