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2 Pulley (2) Unscrew screws @ securing w a t e r p u m p @ to block and remove pump with gasket. 16. Unscrew nut @ and remove right jockey pulley. 11. Remove camshaft driving toothed belts. (I) Loosen securing screws and remove two camshaft driving front belts guards. 13. Unscrew securing nut and re- May 1983 move right belt stretcher @ and 1 Nut spring @ _ 2 screws 01-14 3 Water pump ENGINE MAIN MECHANICAL UNIT 17. 0378. (2) Suck oil from camshaft supports (2) Withdraw upward pump from 18. Unscrew screws 0 and @, tanks with a suitable syringe.

No. 2 TROUBLE DIAGNOSIS AND CORRECTIONS Corrective action Probable cause Condition I. Noisy engine Replace thrust bearing Knocking of crankshaft and bearing Excessive crankshaft end play Piston and connecting rod l Fit wrong Adjust l Pin float Adjust l Excessive valve play Adjust l Tappet buckets wrong fit Replace l Weakened valve spring Replace knocking Camshaft knocking Water pump knocking Improper shaft end play Replace water pump assembly I I.

3120) = intake valve i. e. 5315) 0 3 Profile after max. 1 Valve seat 2 Original profile regrrdrng (4) Having completed all machining, lap valve seats with proper tool. (1) Regrind valve contact face till all evidence of wear has been removed and following taper is obtained : 3. Oven preheat the head at 140°C (284°F). 4. Fit new valve seats using the proper tool. Checking valve tightness When replacing guides, after regrinding and lapping of seats, it is advis- p = 90” t 90” 30’ able to test valve tightness - with valves and sparkplugs duly mounted - of dimension “a” on the “0” reference diameter.

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