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Resistance variation with temperature for a VO2 film (two terminal device of 70 mm long, 45 mm wide and 200 nm thick) fabricated by PLD on a C-type sapphire substrate The optical transmission measurements of VO2 layers on different substrates as a function of the temperature were done in the UV-visible- mid-IR regions of the spectrum using a Varian Carry 5000 spectrophotometer equipped with a sample heater. They were recorded for different temperatures in the 20-100° C domain. As observed on Fig.

A. b. Fig. 5. Optical transmission spectra vs. temperature for 50-nm thick VO2 films made by PLD on R-type sapphire substrates (a) and 1-m thick SiO2/ Si substrate (the oscillations visible on these spectra are interference patterns due to the SiO2/ Si stack layers)(b). We also investigated the reflectivity variation of the VO2 films versus the temperature. Typically, a substrate covered with a VO2 thin layer was placed on a heating stage and the optical power of a reflected fiber laser beam (at 1550 nm) directed at almost normal incidence onto the film surface was recorded during temperature variation in the 20-100°C domain.

1. Photography of the PLD set-up showing schematically the inside of the deposition chamber (left-hand side) and the expansion of the plasma plume towards the substrate after the laser pulse (right-hand side). 95%) vanadium metal target under an oxygen atmosphere. , 2006) and is based on an excimer KrF laser (with a wavelength of 248 nm and a pulse duration of 25 ns), operating at a repetition rate of 10 Hz. e. energies per irradiated surface unit) in the order of 5 to 9 J/cm². The plasma plume expands in the ambient oxygen atmosphere (total Exploiting the semiconductor-metal phase transition of VO2 materials: a novel direction towards tuneable devices and systems for RFmicrowave applications 39 pressure in the chamber maintained at 2×10-2 mbar).

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