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3 Language as a Representational System Just as we see, hear, taste, touch and smell the outside world, so we recreate those same sensations in our mind, re-presenting the world to ourselves using our senses inwardly. We may either remember past experiences or imagine possible (or impossible) future experience. We can picture ourselves running for a bus (remembered visual image) or running across the surface of Mars wearing a Father Christmas outfit (constructed visual image). The first will have happened, the second will not – and you can represent both.

I know how much you want to improve your communication skills. Change the context so that the relationship does not apply in the same way: How hard it is for you to learn depends upon who is teaching  You learned to speak Japanese – now that was hard! 3 Linguistic Tools for Advanced Communicators In this final section, we’ll look at some more methods for choosing words in a way that helps the other person to feel more rapport between you, that can help you move them past a stumbling block, and that let you guide the conversation without appearing to control it.

Even if we observe the same events, receiving the same sensory inputs (sights, sounds, touch, tastes and smells), we filter them according to our existing beliefs. Consequently, the model of this that we make in our minds will be different for each of us. And all of our models will be different from reality, or: The map is not the territory. When we think about an experience, we recreate the sights, sounds and feelings that we originally perceived. We also have the ability to create inward sensations that we have never experienced "for real".

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