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By H. P. Albarelli Jr.

Following nearly a decade of study, this account solves the mysterious loss of life of biochemist Frank Olson, revealing the identities of his murderers in stunning element. It bargains a different and unparalleled investigate the backgrounds of many former CIA, FBI, and Federal Narcotics Bureau officials—including numerous who truly oversaw the CIA’s mind-control courses from the Nineteen Fifties to the Nineteen Seventies. In retracing those courses, an often weird and wonderful and continuously scary global is brought, coloured, and ruled through many factors—Cold struggle fears, the key dating among the nation’s drug enforcement companies and the CIA, and the government’s shut collaboration with the Mafia.

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The two men were fishing, and they invited me to join them. Although I dislike fishing, I surprised myself and accepted. This serendipitous encounter led to a seven-year dialogue about Frank Olson and the CIA. Both men, and several of their friends, had known Frank Olson well. And, it turned out, they had known others closely involved in the case, including Vincent Ruwet, John Schwab, Sidney Gottlieb, and Robert Lashbrook. Promised complete confidentiality as sources, they were extremely helpful to me.

All the children were born here. S. D. degrees from the University of Wisconsin and worked for a while at Lafayette, Ind. Survivors include his wife, Mr. [sic] Alice Wicks Olson; three children, Eric, 9; Lisa, 7, and Nils, 5; his mother, Mrs. ; one brother, John H. Olson, Mt. , and a sister, Mrs. , one niece and one nephew. -The News, Frederick, MD, Saturday, November 28,1953 Dr. Frank Olson, 42, Bacteriologist, Dies In Hotel Plunge Army Chemical Corps Expcrt Held in High Esteem by Colleagues Dr.

Dr. Daniel Winkler, at Harvard University, was always there to assist and to provide honest feedback and answers, as was Dr. Marjorie Senechal at Smith College. Thanks to Ed Regis for expert assistance with biological warfare research and intros to several hard to locate people; Gary Hunt, Editor, Magical Past-Times, for expert information on magician John Mulholland; Mike Edwards for an excellent article and information on Mulholland; Uri Geller for insightful information on Henry Puharich; Stephen Endicott for expertise on the Korean War and biological warfare; investigative reporter Paul Avery for his insights into George Hunter White; Robert King, an extraordinary photojournalist, who unselfishly shared information about Garland Williams; Suzie Halewood, who was more than patient with me; Terry Sanderlin for bringing his brother Rex to my attention; Jack O’Connell, for writing the kind of novels that make reading a true pleasure, complete adventure, and escape from the crush of everyday-ism; Harry Huge, Esq.

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