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2 Leaves Pitlochry for Braemar Cottage, Braemar (where he stays for nearly two months). Here he drafts the opening of a novel, 'The Travelling Companion' (later abandoned), and begins work on The Sea Cook (original title of TI). ' 26 Edmund Gosse visits him (stays till 5 September). ' 7 Tells Henley that The Sea Cook is in its 19th chapter. 23 Leaves Braemar for Edinburgh, thence almost immediately to London. 24 Accepts terms for the publication of TI in Young Folks. At the end of the month RLS and Fanny stay with Bob's mother at 16 St Leonard's Terrace, Chelsea.

Moves to the Hotel de l'Univers, Lyon. ' 40 A Robert Louis Stevenson Chronology September Early in the month, returns to the Chalet la Solitude, Hyeres. 2 (Sun) Sends to Cassell the revised map for the frontispiece of TI, the original having been lost in the post. 9 Death of his friend Walter Ferrier. Writes to Henley: 'He was the only gentleman of all my friends .... ' 25 Tells his father he has resumed work on 'The Travelling Companion'. 26 Tells Gosse that this year his income 'for the first time' will pass £300.

Decides to apply (unsuccessfully) for the post of Chair of History and Constitutional Law at Edinburgh University. Writes to Colvin, Gosse, Symonds and Lang asking for testimonials. July 'Samuel Pepys' in Corn hill. 3 (Sun) Tells SC 'I am working steady, four Cornhill pages scrolled every day.... ' 10 Sends Henley a draft of 'The Merry Men'. 12-15 To Edinburgh on business. 22-9 III with haemorrhage and heavy cold. August 1 (Mon) Finishes draft of 'The Body Snatchers'. 2 Leaves Pitlochry for Braemar Cottage, Braemar (where he stays for nearly two months).

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