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A key reference paintings for a all who're learning Christian ethics.

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5:3-4). Widowhood as an established order in the early church, however, represented a significant development in the care of the elderly. Widows* had benefited from almsgiving* in ancient Israel, but on the death of their husbands they usually fell outside the normal structures of family support. The institution of widowhood in the early church provided secure material support for familyless older women. In addition, widowhood conferred status on older women (vs. 9-11). Theological warrants of care-giving.

F. ), Alienation: Concept, Term, and Meanings, 1973; P. Masterson, Atheism and Alienation, 1971. JOHN MACQUARRIE Almsgiving Though giving to the poor has been a part of the Hebraic tradition, the word "alms" does not appear in the OT. In this form the concept is Christian and is highly commended in the NT, where it is regarded as an act of virtue*. " This persisted while there was no established machinery for giving regular aid to the poor, and royal families and the great nobles would often appoint "almoners" who would distribute largesse for them.

His method of nonviolent direct action has proved too demanding and also unnecessary in view of increased black opportunities and power. Thus, the main moral influence of black Americans will probably be through various social and political structures. Some themes in the Afro-American religious ethic need further development—for example, the equality of women and international relations, including war and peace. Concern about these matters has been present in the moral tradition since the 1840s, but they have not yet achieved clarity and force.

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