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In a proclamation addressed to the peoples of the world they unequivocally demanded peace. Henceforth the Socialist parties hammered at Miliukov's "militaristic and imperialistic" foreign policy. On March 27 (April 9), in response to this pressure the Provisional Government, too, saw itself forced to advocate a peace without annexations and reparations. This meant that Miliukov was discredited. When he nevertheless dared to repeat in a note to the Allies dated April 19 (May 1) what he had promised before, the storm broke.

Gifted with all the arts of dissimulation and full of guile and patience, taciturn and suspicious, he set about to achieve his aim. In Baku he found the atmosphere more suited to his purpose. He soon played a leading part among a number of Armenian-Russian revolutionaries, the proletariat of the oil industry, and it mattered little to him that these Armenian workers had a traditional hatred for their Georgian neighbors. Transcaucasia was far distant from the actual centers of revolutionary events and Stalin's importance in no way transcended provincial limits.

Petersburg shortly afterward, their posters and flags bore almost exclusively Bolshevik slogans. The effect was inevitable on the many Soviet delegates from the provinces. Lenin was firmly convinced that in time he would conquer the Soviets from within. " The July Uprising Actually the Bolsheviks were not yet ready to assume power—a fact proven by the failure of the uprising of July, 1917. As a result of the revolutionary propaganda, which had steadily grown in volume since April, tension in the workers' quarters and in the barracks of the capital had reached a dangerous point by the end of June.

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