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By George Kimball Plochmann

A entire learn of “one of the main elusive and sophisticated” of the entire Platonic dialogues. The Gorgias starts off with a dialogue of the character and price of rhetoric and develops into an impassioned argument for the primacy of absolute correct (as expressed by means of judgment of right and wrong) within the rules of either private and non-private existence. Plochmann and Robinson heavily study this nice discussion within the first two-thirds in their booklet, handing over the ultimate 4 chapters to a broader dialogue of its harmony, sweep, and philosophic implications.

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Because there is dialectical richness in each of these works, lines quoted from them must be scrutinized in advance for their dialectical meanings, not only their verbal similarities, before being introduced to raise or answer questions regarding the Gorgias. Do a carefully established conclusion in one dialogue and an unproved flourish tossed off in another have the same weight along with the same wording? Are the meanings the same? Or has Plato forgotten what he said elsewhere, or "grown" in his conception, possibly as the result of some new friendship or illness or another trip to Syracuse?

Whether happiness and wickedness are compatible. 4. Resulting conditions of the relief of evil. 5. Resulting conditions of the relief of evil. 1. Contrasts between the loves of Callicles and Socrates. 2. Callicles' dialectical contrasts. 1. 2. Images used by Callicles and Socrates in examining pleasure. 3. Equations and inequations of Callicles and Socrates. 4. Six pairs of contrary terms introduced by Socrates. 5. Counterexample to Socrates' six pairs of contrary terms. 1. Gratifications and forms contrasted.

Summary of the chief stages of the myth. 1. Art and pandering as allied with levels of the Divided Oblong. 1. Simplified diagram of the Divided Oblong. 2. Result of Callicles' inversion of the Divided Oblong. 3. Socrates' expansion of the Divided Oblong. 4. Callicles' final attempt to revise the Divided Oblong. 5. Body and soul, reward and punishment in the Socratic view. 1. Real and imitative in the dialogue. 332 Page xiii PREFACE There is no longer any reason to apologize for adding another book on some aspect of Plato's philosophy and art.

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