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Philosophie sans rupture

Dans l’histoire de los angeles philosophie, on rencontre une rupture qui, pour être ignorée, n’en est pas moins capitale: le schisme entre l’Orient et l’Occident. los angeles séparation de los angeles chrétienté en deux traditions ecclésiales différenciées manifestait aussi une competition très marquée entre deux significations de l’existence, entre deux pratiques de vie, voire deux civilisations, donc entre deux interprétations du réel et deux acceptions inconciliables de los angeles philosophie.

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Gillcspic. 3 Metaphy,ýics. pp. I- 12 (p. 1. 7. ) 115 by J. L. Univcrsit% Press, Oxford Ackrill Interpretatione, De trans. 5 4-; How did Aristotle arrive at this list of cateoones? Ackrill replies: 'Though the items in categories tn' trý are not expressions but "things", the identification and classification of these things could ... be 116 by As Jonathan Barnes puts it, the categones are only attention to what we say' . achieved concerned with classifying types of predicate: indeed kate-goria is Aristotle's word for 1 17 But the point remains, as the quote from Ackrill makes clear.

P5. 135 MertiphYm'cs\. 7 (10171'22-7). 2-44. 136Order Subsequent Nlultipficit\. : p-2244-245. p. in 2144. the category of substance has some sort of intuitive priority. It does seem reasonable, for example, to claim that the contents of the category of 'place' could not have an existence of aný sort, without there first being some contents in the category of substance, to inhabit those places. What is it that makes us think that way? One answer is what Shields calls the 'bold that these different kinds of being are different ways of being or that the different conjecture ...

Blond writes: There is a third form of analysis that may be used for definition: analysis by genus and has in first, difference It singles the t:71 other objects element an object common with out, ... v Review, 34 (2001). 439. Widdcr seems to go wrong in his choice of differentia because Irational' and '\viived' are not on the same range. NI. Le Blond, 'Aristotle on Definition'. 3 Metaphysics ed. 63-79 (p. 67) 46 Deleuze wishes to privilege difference over identity. Aristotle's deference to an 'identity' of concept is the target of Deleuze's negative critique, but what Deleuze means by 'difference' also difference.

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