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No absurd amounts of money had been spent (Scrooge was particularly pleased to note that), but there was plenty of ivy, holly and rosemary about. Two large brass candelabra had been placed before the altar, which itself boasted a white embroidered frontal. In the chancel there were red hangings on the wall, and there were flowers on the altar screen. Throughout, the church was filled with light. Scrooge was impressed with all this, and he could see that Billy was too: the boy's mouth hung open in astonishment.

The air was crisp, and their breath harsh in the throat. A short, brisk walk in the cold sharpened their appetite, and on arrival at Scrooge's usual café they demolished two considerable portions of Mr Montini's kedgeree. Scrooge was slightly suspicious of this dish, reckoning that the bulk of it was almost certainly leftovers from yesterday, given a good warming and flavored with a few extras. But it tasted well enough. And besides, he asked himself, what in the world had got into him that he should think of criticizing a man for allowing nothing to go to waste?

He inquired, evidently convinced that Scrooge had something in mind. 'Well, I suppose we could go to church. ' Billy was not keen. He wrinkled his nose and kicked at the snow. 'It's warm,’ said Scrooge encouragingly. ‘Well, warmer than out here. And there's company. ' That last made a significant difference. ' Scrooge led the way to St Andrew's, which was the church of his parish. It was close enough for the clock to be heard striking, every quarter of an hour, both from his apartment and from his office.

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