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Добро пожаловать в start in 3D, специальное издание от издателей журнала 3D international. В этом руководстве вы освоите ключевые концепции 3D. Мы дадим подсказки от экспертов, обучающие материалы и техники работы в основных пакетах. Также вы получите базовые навыки моделирования анатомии, машин из научной фантастики, различных созданий и много другого.

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I use the Offset filter to move the image corners into the centre of the canvas so that I can work on them more easily. Using Photoshop’s healing tools, I patch up the centre of the image and offset the image again to ensure there are no seams. Tiled textures FUNDAMENTALS Using tiled textures in your renders SPEED UP YOUR WORKFLOW WITH OPTIMISED TEXTURES Tiling software Fundamentals Luxology retired its application ImageSynth – which could create tiling textures from nearly any image – in 2011, but modo users may still have access to it.

Looking for patterns One of the keys to making efficient tiling textures or even tiled meshes is looking for the centre of the repeat. Imagine how the repeat will work when extended in every direction. To make the jigsaw on the table in the main render, I started by creating a spline in Illustrator, which I then repeated four times. This off-centre pattern formed the basis for all the centre jigsaw segments, and could be modified for the edge elements as well. com/ getinto3D The fundamentals of instancing Mike Griggs explains how intelligent cloning gives you power over thousands of objects ou need to make a scene of a woodland glade as a backdrop for a new animation your company is about to create.

Create a simple box and apply a dynamics collider property to it, and then run your simulation. The gears should drop randomly into the box. Now cache the simulation to enable you to move through the timeline and select the moment to move on to lighting and rendering. com Rigid body dynamics FUNDAMENTALS Discover rigid body dynamics GET MORE FROM YOUR PHYSICS SIMULATIONS 01 New methods of destruction Fundamentals While most rigid body systems for destruction depend on Bullet, which does require the geometry to be pre-broken, there are exciting developments using alternative means of dynamics solving.

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