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The 2006 foreign Code Council electric Code Administrative Provisions comprises the textual content essential to administer and implement the 2005 nationwide electric Code and complies with electric provisions inside the different foreign Codes.

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REFRIGERANT GAS CONTENT The chillers are filled with R407C refrigerant gas and tested in the factory. In normal conditions, there should be no need for the Technical Engineer to intervene to check the refrigerant gas. However, over time, small leaks may develop at the joints leading to loss of refrigerant and draining of the circuit, causing the unit to function poorly. In this case, the leaks of refrigerant must be identified and repaired and the refrigerant circuit refilled. Proceed as follows: - Empty and dry the entire refrigerant circuit using a vacuum pump connected to either the low or high pressure tap until the vacuometer reads about 10 Pa.

The Technical Assistance Service maintenance plan must be observed, with an annual service which includes the following operations and checks: - filling of the water circuit; - presence of air bubbles in the water circuit; - efficiency of safety devices; - power supply voltage; - electrical absorption; - tightness of electrical and hydraulic connections; - condition of the compressor contactor; - verification of operating pressure, over-heating and overcooling; - efficiency of compressor heater - check the condition of the remote condenser To carry out maintenance, it may be necessary to remove the chiller inspection panel.

For other conditions and for nominal condensing power Qc derived from the cooling capacity Qf, the power selection method is given below: Qc = Qf x Fr x F1 x F2 x F3 Fr = heat output factor obtained from DIAG. 14 for hermetic compressor 0 +10 Te(°C) Example: - Cooling capacity Df = 20 kW with Te = -5°C and Tc = 40°C - Semi-hermetic compressor - Ambient temperature 27°C, unit installed at an altitude of 1000m. The selection method gives us: Qc = 20 x 1,25 x 1,08 x 1,27 x 1,06 = 36,3 kW The following will satisfy the required conditions: model ACCS 48 axial flow air condenser with motors with "Y" connection, from the table at 5 m distance, guaranteeing a sound pressure level of 48+6=55 dB(A).

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