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The Sharpest Sicilian 2012

Foreword from the writer 5 years after the 1st version, the e-book was once thoroughly rewritten and redesigned. whereas closing real to the unique constitution, this re-creation underwent significant alterations. the main outstanding one is the part dedicated at the version 6. Be3 e5. It was once divided on separate elements for the retreats 7.

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Frank would be glad. What is White afraid of? a4. d3 White’s temporary discretion misleads no one. It is too early to talk about Black’s reaching equality. b4 Nbd7 with complicated position, Topalov,VAdams,M/Linares 1999/1/2-1/2 (41). Shirov has returned to the traditions of the nineteenth century! Bc5 A novelty. Peter is developing his bishop on c5 before placing his pawn on d6. Ne2 d5! Ne2 As often happens in Shirov’s games, his pieces are moving toward the opponent’s king. This knight took a fancy to the f5square.

Bd4. Rc7+ Kxd6 There is not much left of White’s dangerous pawns. Black has no problems. Rd1+ White can win an exchange, but not the game. Rxc7 Rb2 it is White who has serious problems. Kf6 It is the ex-champion’s turn to commit an inaccuracy. Bd4+ Kd6 and Black is better. Raxa5 Rf8?? A fatal 40th move! Rd5. Rg3+ The white rooks are driving the black king away from the pawns. Grishuk is winning! Sasha is not going to miss this chance today. h4 Black’s position is absolutely hopeless, because his king is cut off from his pawns.

Rxf4 h4 A futile attempts to frighten the youngster. He could scare anybody to death himself! Rc4 This position is technically winning for White. The black king is cutting off the white pawn. Even an expert would win this position versus Shirov. 1-0 The encounter between the semifinalists of New Delhi, Grischuk and Shirov, did not disappoint us. It is a real pleasure to watch the game of these fighters. Their creative play in the opening was very hard to annotate. The rest of the game, on the other hand was easy to comment.

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