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Be sure to mark only one oval in each column. htm—Tips for taking objective tests. html—Tips for answering multiple choice questions. htm—Tips for answering all kinds of objective test questions. MANAGING YOUR TIME DURING THE OBJECTIVE TEST When taking an objective exam, you will want to pace yourself. Always use all of the test time allowed. If you complete the test, go back and check your answers. On an objective test, it is sometimes recommended that you work in three phases. Phase I Go through the entire test, answering only those questions that you are sure you can answer correctly.

Roosevelt, but he was the 32nd president of the United States, not the 34th. 2. True. Tips for Answering True or False Questions • Watch out for absolutes. Look for absolutes or all-or-nothing words like always, never, and entirely. There are very few things in life that are always true or always false. Questions that contain these words are often false. • It’s either all true or all false. Be sure that all pieces of the statement are correct before marking an answer true. In the example, “Germany, a country in Asia, is home to the Autobahn,” only part of the statement is true.

B. b. a. d. a. You may have simply gotten lucky and actually known the answer to one or two questions. In addition, your guessing was more successful if you were able to use the process of elimination on any of the questions. Maybe you didn’t know who the third Chief Justice was (question 7), but you knew that John Jay was the first. In that case, you would have eliminated answer d and, therefore, improved your odds of guessing right from one in four to one in three. 1 According to probability, you should get 212 answers correct, so getting either two or three right would be average.

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